Jan 1, 2024

#335: From “Work” to “Worth” with Allyson Byrd

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Authenticity, Belonging, Boundaries, Career, challenging societal beliefs, Conflict, conscious identity choices, embracing stories, Health, making a living, Mental Health, Money, negative emotions, overcoming obstacles, Passion, perception of reality, prayer, Purpose, reframing perspectives, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Spirituality, suffering, Transformation, understanding and supporting Blackness


In this episode, Allyson Byrd teaches us how to reframe our mindsets to create the abundance we all deserve. We explore the power of negative emotions versus the power of conscious identity choices for overcoming obstacles. Allyson teaches us how to reframe our perspectives on suffering and embrace our stories, and how our perception of reality makes an impact on our abundance and what we create in our lives. Allyson’s passion, story, and determination will motivate you to be and create more, and live a life you love.

Allyson Byrd is more than just a mentor to business owners in the digital marketing space; she is an agent of transformation and grace. A celebrated leader in sales through energetics, Allyson has enabled her students to come together and create astounding results – $330 million in sales revenue using her methodologies of Spotlight Energetics™. Her unique approach of bold guidance, disruptive challenges, and empowering encouragement have enabled thousands of people in over 20 industries from 47+ countries to exceed their own expectations. Allyson invites us to join her on a mission to push boundaries, make an impact, and share our own stories. To invite Allyson to speak to your organization, mastermind, retreat or virtual experience, please email [email protected] for consideration. 


0:00:00 Intro

0:00:46 Reconnecting and Reflecting on Growth

0:04:10 Dissolving Patriarchal Lens and Embracing Worth

0:07:18 The Power of External Governance

0:10:38 The Desire to Belong and Tell a Fair Story

0:14:21 The Imaginary Troll and External Validation

0:17:45 Embracing Truth and Overcoming Fear

0:21:39 The Belief in Deserving a Better Childhood

0:24:51 Transitioning from Pleasure to Purpose

0:28:00 Finding Joy in Chaos and Grief

0:33:55 Martyrdom and Abundance

0:40:01 Power and Control

0:45:07 Recognizing the Power of Psychological Manipulation

0:51:09 Breaking Bread and Embracing Aging

1:01:14 Using Attention for Personal Transformation

1:04:29 Digital Marketing and Representation of Blackness Online

1:09:08 Shifting from Judgment to Curiosity and Support

1:12:12 Shape-shifting for Protection: A 200-pound Body as Armor

1:18:30 Challenging societal norms and body image

1:25:18 Embracing personal stories and creating extraordinary lives

1:28:54 Spreading liberation and justice through conversation

1:32:30 Wrapping up with gratitude and invitation acceptance


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