Oct 19, 2020

Giacomo Gianniotti – The Power Of Humility

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Conflict, Connection, Humility, Relationship, Self-Worth, Vulnerability


Giacomo Gianniotti is an actor, writer, director, and philanthropist most recently known for his role as Dr. Deluca on Greys Anatomy.

In this episode Giacomo and I have an encompassing conversation on humility, relationships, and conflict. Giacomo walks us through his relational experiences, and his personal growth from therapy and vulnerability. We touch on sincerity, the art of apologizing, and the importance of asking for what you need.


  • The power of vulnerability, listening, sincerity and humility in relationships
  • When you finally learn how to listen, your conversations will change
  • Owning our sh*t will take us further than we realize
  • The stages of relationship and becoming a better human
  • The hard realizations of “recovering defenders”
  • Why can’t people apologize and the connection to worth
  • The five love languages
  • Toxic shame and divorce


  • Find Giacomo on instagram at @giacomo_gianniotti and in his 1st feature film entitled “Acquainted” on Apple TV.