Aug 21, 2023

How to Create Financial Abundance with Ken Honda

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Appreciation, Finance, Financial Education, Money, Relationships, Spirituality, Zen


Today I welcome Ken Honda to the show, Japan’s Zen Millionaire and best-selling self-development author, with book sales surpassing seven million copies since 2001. His latest book is called “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money.”

In this episode, Ken teaches us about happy money vs. unhappy money, the power of gratitude & appreciation when it comes to the flow of money in and out of our lives, and how to call in your abundance with simple yet powerful ways that create a better relationship to your money. 



  • The definition of happy money vs. unhappy money and why it matters so much when it comes to our finances
  • The different money personalities and how that shows up in our romantic relationships
  • How to turn unhappy money into happy money and create more abundance in our lives

00:00 Intro

01:22 Relationship between zen and money
03:11 Happy money vs. Unhappy money

08:24 Money is energy

10:32 ‘Arigato’ your money

11:49 Make more, spend less

16:43 Find and use your gifts

19:25 “Money is not the problem, people are”

21:57 Money and relationships

28:06 Shame around asking for financial help

30:22 Spirituality and money

32:44 How your life is affected by money

34:51 Holding on to money creates unhappy money

37:19 Transform your relationship with money