24th August 2023
The Transformative Power of Tea Ceremony with Mariana Rittenhouse

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Today I’m jamming with Mariana Rittenhouse! Mariana believes a daily Tea practice will change your life. She has guided hundreds of people and high-profile influencers across 20 countries back to their hearts through courses on Tea, ceremony & ritual, and reconnecting to Nature. Rooted in Earth-based teachings and ritual practices, her work helps people slow down, find deeper meaning and reconnect to the Earth to ease the stress of our chaotic daily lives. She brings a healing experience to her signature course, Start Your Own Tea Practice, as well as her retreats and podcast, OF THE EARTH with Mariana Rittenhouse.

In this episode, Mariana shares how she discovered tea ceremony and how her tea practice helped her recover from her career-related burnout and bring greater meaning into her life. She teaches us how

Tea can help us deepen our relationship with ourselves and nature through the process of making tea and holding tea time sacred.


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