Aug 15, 2022

How to Take Charge of Your Health with Dr. Tyna Moore

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Food Systems, Health, Longevity, Medical Autonomy, Mindset, Personal Responsibility, Resilience


They say when the student is ready the teacher arrives, and that was exactly the case with today’s guest, Dr. Tyna Moore. With nearly three decades of experience in the medical world, Dr. Tyna Moore, ND, DC is a leading expert in holistic regenerative medicine and resilient health. Traditionally and alternatively trained in science and medicine as both a Naturopathic Physician and Chiropractor, she brings a unique perspective to those wishing to build a more robust foundation in their health and well-being. She is a podcast host, author, speaker, kettlebell devotee and mother as well as a fierce advocate for health autonomy and personal responsibility, which she helps others improve through her many offerings at and on her podcast, The Dr Tyna Show.

Join us as we talk about the importance of metabolic health in our overall wellbeing, how we ended up in the sea of metabolic dysfunction we see today, plus Dr. Tyna’s top strategies for improving your health and resilience.


  • Dr. Tyna’s journey from chronic illness as a young adult to thriving in her forties
  • Simple strategies to improve your metabolic health and see noticeable shifts in your mood, energy levels and inflammation levels
  • The role of mindset and personal responsibility in building optimal health
  • How to build resilience against chronic and acute disease


00:00 Intro

01:07 Importance of presenting data and the truth

06:57 Pain and vanity

10:45 Information is empowering

13:09 Microbiomes are contagious

17:19 Unrealized food disorder

21:06 Strength training and its benefits

28:38 How to work on metabolic health

31:27 The food supply is adulterated 

35:51 Sugar is satan

38:22 Making things conducive to longevity

39:45 Canceling and vilifying information rather than understanding the discomfort

43:45 There are demons among us

47:44 Easily influenced

56:16 The metabolic revamp