Mar 29, 2021

How To Transform Anger Into Growth – Alejandra Proaño

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Anger, Awareness, Relationship, Self-Compassion, Shame, Transformation


Alejandra Proaño is an Anger Management Specialist and is the co-owner of Moose Anger Management. She directs Healing Anger, the program for women that now runs online and worldwide. She and her team specialize in individual, couple and group counselling work on anger and addictions. Alejandra holds a Specialization in Family Therapy, a Master’s in clinical psychology, a Master’s in Science and a Master’s in Literature.

I am so excited to have Alejandra on this week for an extremely informative conversation on anger – how so many of us don’t truly know how to express it or feel shame in the emotion. Anger is necessary to protect the integrity of individuals in a relationship; it represents the need for a boundary. Our capacity for a compassionate expression of our anger, is usually the result of past trauma and experience. Tune in to learn more!


  • Why we can’t externalize anger
  • What is underneath anger?
  • What are you really feeling?
  • Understanding cues in the body
  • Understanding your own relationship to anger
  • How anger can deepen intimacy and personal evolution
  • The power of the collective anger
  • Until we change, nothing changes.