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Apr 5, 2021

How To Change Your Life Through Meditation – Laurasia Mattingly

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Connection, Meditation, Mindfulness, Relationship, Self-Love


This week we jam with Laurasia Mattingly about the power of mindfulness and meditation. Following the loss of her mother, Laurasia began exploring her own spirituality as a means of working through her grief to find peace in the uncertainty of life. Laurasia shares with us how meditation can transform our lives. Join us as we explore how we, through mindfulness and meditation, can overcome our stress and free up the space for us to deepen our relationship with ourselves and our intuition.


  • The beautiful power of meditation
  • Can you sit with it?
  • Start with mindfulness
  • The power of presence
  • Why is it difficult to hold so many feelings
  • Joy vs. Happiness
  • How softening your parameters makes everything easier
  • Why life is delicious within this space
  • Are you abandoning yourself?
  • Loneliness vs. Alone
  • Beauty is growing from where you are hurt
  • The invitation to slowness
  • Caring for your wounds (aka frequent visitors)
  • What is essentialism