8th February 2024
#346: Intuition vs Bullsh*t: How to Listen to Inner Guidance & Commit to Your Evolution

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This espresso shot solo episode is an excerpt from my recent Masterclass: 2024: Your Breakthrough Year. In this episode, I discuss the signs of receiving inner guidance, the importance of building self-trust, and the invitation to accept that the universe doesn’t make mistakes. I also dive into the four areas of life that contribute to abundance or suffering. Tune in to clarify your values and learn to discern the true voice within. Get the full recording at markgroves.com/2024


0:00:00 Intro + Annoying Signs of Inner Guidance

0:00:38 Acts of Trust and Sacrifice for Personal Evolution

0:01:30 Embracing Present Circumstances for Growth

0:02:11 How Rejecting Initiation Causes Anxiety and Control Issues

0:03:03 Growing Wings through Self-Trust and Recognizing Miracles

0:03:35 Trusting Yourself: The First Step Towards Growth

0:04:18 The Transformation of a Nymph into a Dragonfly

0:05:14 Finding Purpose in Life’s Challenges

0:06:09 Identifying Values for a Foundation of Abundance

0:06:24 Liberation: Freedom to Be Who You Are

0:07:38 Integrity: Living in Alignment with Your Truth

0:08:02 Bringing Ourselves Alive Through Self-Expression

0:08:29 Creating a Beautiful Strategy for Liberation

0:08:45 The Importance of Alignment and Integrity

0:09:23 Choosing Relationships that Align with Your Values


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