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Dec 9, 2019

Jules Webber – The Shame Train

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Childhood Trauma, Connection, Femininity, Relationship, Religion, Sex, Shame


All aboard the shame train! Join my dear friend Jules Webber and I on a special extended episode this week all about shame. We dive right into the parental, societal and religious origins for feelings of shame. Jules bravely shares her own experiences of shame at every age of her life, ranging from her early childhood memories of suppressing her true self, to later pledging abstinence with a religious authority, to her first sexual experience and the intense shame around sex as a woman, then to her recent divorce after a 10 year marriage. There are tears, laughter and endless insights about the universal human experience of shame, and our need for connection and belongingness with our community and most importantly within ourselves. Whatever your religious beliefs might be, this episode is a must-hear.



  • The journey of divine feminine wholeness
  • The relationship with intimacy to ourselves is reflected in every other relationship
  • The greatest most deepest desire of all humans
  • The root of why women feel damaged
  • Religion, sex, shame, and purity culture
  • The double life of our belief systems
  • Religion as a ticket to belonging
  • Virginity as a social construct
  • Wanting to explore the edges of sexuality is NORMAL


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  • Jules works with women one-to-one in intimacy and feminine energy. After feeling shame in her sexuality, her relationships, and even her career, Jules began healing the only relationship she knew she’d be in forever: the one she had with herself. Her work in radical self-acceptance led to a coaching practice where she helps women connect with the genuine empowerment in intimacy that we all long for, but sometimes feel afraid of. She is also a mother, writer, and storyteller.