Dec 2, 2019

The Angry Therapist – Beyond The Honeymoon Phase

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Connection, Dating, Relationship, Self-Awareness, Subconscious Beliefs


This week John Kim @theangrytherapist makes a much-anticipated return to the podcast. John has made his mark on Instagram, sharing authentic, raw and unfiltered views on life, love and everything in-between and I’m honoured to call him a true friend. Join us as we dive into some deep waters around the tricky topic of dating. We break down how to swim ‘past the breakers’ – from the chaos of early dating to reach the calmer, deeper waters of relationship. We share our personal stories of heartbreak, codependency and self-betrayal, along with the self-work and awareness that has brought us both to far deeper breakthroughs in our connections to self and others. Wherever you are at in your dating life, I know this episode will have something powerful for you!


  • The positive and negative effects of social media and digital life
  • What stories are waiting past “the breakers”
  • You won’t get new stories with old skills
  • Presence and the invitation to love
  • What does connection look like when it’s greater than you?
  • What is driving your behaviors? Can you understand them?
  • How our love buds change