25th March 2019
Kelsey Grant – Ready to get Real in Your Relationship?

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This week I was over the moon to be speaking with my dear friend Kelsey Grant. Kelsey is an absolute goddess on all things relationships, intimacy, and sex! We got really real on intimacy in every way, how sex relates to connection and visa versa. We got into the juiciest parts of relationship and shared our own pasts on the highest highs and lowest lows – commitment, patterns, past hurts, cheating, breaking up, growing and knowing ourselves.


  • Sexual intimacy and communication – whats the link?
  • The vulnerability in sex – can you hide yourself and still enjoy climax?
  • The differences between men and women when it comes to sex and connection.
  • Integrity, cheating and shame.
  • Pleasure and growth, how we change over time.
  • Connection to self and ghosting, looking at it from both sides. When Mark was like a “Mt Everest Basecamp” of red flags
  • Honesty in dating – are you dating just to date – to find a partner – to just have fun?
  • Narcissism is a massive buzzword at the moment, but is it really narcissism?
  • Taking responsibility in relationships and in life. You aren’t responsible for anyone else’s behaviour, but you are responsible for your own.
  • The power dynamic in ‘saving’ someone.
  • Breaking up and moving into a new relationship.
  • Infidelity, the pain, the grief and the healing.
  • Finding self love through our suffering.
  • Mark’s ‘yoghurt and granola breakup’ story, what breakups are here to teach us.
  • Kelsey’s relationship with a well known public figure – the deeper the connection the deeper the triggers and fears.
  • Finding safety when we are in fear from past triggers.
  • Trust and friendships with the opposite sex, does your partner trust your opposite sex friends?
  • Family enmeshment and intimate relationships, they don’t gel!
  • Getting started in making connections when you’re single – building the relationship skill set.


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