1st September 2022
Turn Your Pain into Your Purpose with Jayson Gaddis

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In today’s episode I’m joined once again by the insightful Jayson Gaddis. Tune in as we discuss some of the most common relational challenges we both encounter and how Jayson helps others both better understand relationships AND teach relational skills themselves through The Relationship School.


Jayson Gaddis, author, podcaster, speaker, and “personal trainer for relationships”, is a global leader on interpersonal conflict and connection. He got tired of complaining that street-level relationship skills are not taught in school, so he founded The Relationship School, an impact-based company dedicated to helping individuals, couples and teams work out their differences in order to have indestructible relationships. His new book Getting to Zero: How to work Through Conflict In Your High Stakes Relationships was voted Editors Choice, Best non-fiction, and Best Leadership and Business book in 2021 on Amazon.


  • The most common relationship challenges we both see
  • A common root cause of unavailability 
  • One question to ask yourself when you don’t know whether to stay or go
  • The advantages of being a coach vs. a therapist
  • How Relationship School differs from other trainings
  • Our thoughts on why relationship skills aren’t taught in school


00:00 Intro

01:42 The problem of not having mutual partnership

03:28 The most common relationship challenges

05:10 Dating unavailability

06:35 Should you stay or go?

08:07 Ghosting

08:52 People transform their lives around their relationship pain

11:18 Becoming a therapist

16:45 Group beliefs influencing individual beliefs 

20:21 Breaking out of old systems

23:22 Challenging the client

29:18 Hearing feedback

33:46 Teaching how to handle conflict

35:19 Success of a relationship shouldn’t be measured by length

36:59 Movies modeling real life

40:02 Apologizing & conflict repair


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