May 12, 2022

Leaning Into Love with Chase Ramey and Mimi Lindquist

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Divorce, Health, Intuition, Marriage, Masculinity, Relationships, Religion


I met today’s guests through my partnership with Organifi and upon hearing their story, I knew I had to have them on the podcast to share it with you!

Chase + Mimi were childhood sweethearts and married in their early 20’s. After 3 years they actually separated and divorced, never thinking they would see each other again. They both hit physical, emotional, mental and spiritual rock bottom in 2017-18. Call it Source, the universe or divine intervention — after 3 years of intense self development and personal epiphanies, their new lives crossed paths organically and six months later Mimi was officially moving in with Chase to start ‘Part 2’ of their relationship. Now Chase + Mimi host The Medicin Podcast and are passionate about helping people proactively create deep, healthy, passionate partnership supported by healthy + conscious lifestyles.


  • Chase and Mimi’s journey from high school sweethearts to married couple, to divorced for three years and back together again
  • How Chase and Mimi’s religious upbringing influenced their idea of how a marriage “should” look an ultimately contributed to their split
  • Why we get scared when our partners step into their full power and expression
  • The problem with having expectations whether they be in relationships, with health or at work
  • What to do when your partner isn’t interested in growing
  • How to know if you should stay in a relationship or leave