Feb 7, 2022

Let Yourself Be Loved — Solo Episode

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Commitment, Relationships, Self-Acceptance, Self-Compassion, Self-Worth, Uncertainty


I remember when I was afraid to get engaged in my twenties, someone told me I was just afraid of commitment. That as a man, it was normal. I wasn’t supposed to run towards love, but rather just surrender — as if it was some sort of life sentence I would need to learn to tolerate.

All of that couldn’t have been more wrong. I wasn’t afraid of commitment — I was afraid that love would hurt me.

Join me this week as I explore my thoughts on commitment, marriage, getting feedback, having compassion for yourself and what it means to trust yourself in love.



  • What may be behind your fear of commitment
  • Why trusting love means trusting yourself
  • Why your partner shouldn’t be your ‘everything’
  • My tips on how to give and hold feedback
  • How relationships are your invitation to expansion