Jul 20, 2023

Life Update: Marriage & Fatherhood – Solo Episode

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Acceptance, Cancel Culture, Childbirth, Fatherhood, Human Behavior, Parenting, Pregnancy, Relationships, Truth


It’s been a little while since I came on and did a life update, so in this solo episode I share some recent big life changes or initiations for me and Kylie. Marriage and parenthood have taken center stage, leading me on a profound journey of growth and self-discovery. So tune in and explore the magic of life and the transformative power of relationships with me. 


  • Our spontaneous Sedona wedding and the profound birth of our baby boy, Jasper
  • The joys and challenges of early parenthood and discovering the wonders of fatherhood
  • The power of authentic connections and evolving dynamics of love and partnership
  • The beauty of life’s precious moments and the transformative journey of self-discovery

00:00 Intro 

00:59 Getting married in Sedona

03:23 Restoring the sacred in birth

08:20 Becoming a father

12:52 Support during pregnancy and childbirth

16:22 Psychological safety in workplaces and relationships

22:21 The best part about being a father

24:17 Observing, healing, and speaking out