Jan 25, 2021

Nicole Lohse – Healing Our Nervous System

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Connection, Healing, Nervous System, Presence, Regulation, Wellness


Nicole Lohse is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Feldenkrais Practitioner and yoga teacher. Her knowledge of the body, mind and soul greatly influences how she supports others from a very intuitive, energetic and somatic place. Nicole walks us through how to be more connected with yourself by understanding the language of your body and your survival philosophy. By building your capacity and regulation at a nervous system level, your resiliency will only increase. It’s from here that you’ll shift from surviving your way through life to thriving and accessing more of your truth.


  • What is somatic therapy?
  • What is a healthy nervous system?
  • What a normal response to stress looks like
  • The beautiful invitation to the observation
  • What’s your nervous system “normal?”
  • How to recognize when you step out of your truth
  • What is co-regulation
  • Why safety and security is foreign
  • Why resistance creates room to learn
  • The power of noticing
  • How to get back into regulation