Jan 15, 2020

Michelle Dow – Mark’s First “Girlfriend” Tells Her Story

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Okay, “girlfriend” might be a strong term…but either way, I am so grateful that  Michelle Dow, the first woman I “dated”, agreed to come on my podcast and share her story. Michelle and I go way back to childhood and I’d like to say we were both each other’s first love and heartbreak, but I think I that story lives a little more on my side than hers. Last year, I shared some of my feelings about our breakup, and today Michelle calls me out for not contacting her first to discuss it. So this episode is as real as they come. This is about Michelle’s story, how she experienced me and our breakup and how she feels about it all today. I super appreciate her being open to having this conversation, it was a lot of fun and I think you’ll enjoy it too.