Jul 29, 2019

Mike Campbell – Why Can’t Men Commit?

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Avoidance, Boundaries, Commitment, Fear, Men, Realationship


Mike Campbell is a men’s coach who specialises in helping men connect to their hearts in every aspect of life. In this episode we go deep in unpacking the messages men receive throughout their lives about love and commitment. Why do so many men seem to swim in the emotional shallow end of relationships? How do we deal with avoidance in relationship? AND, how can we change the narrative? Mike is as real as they come and a true friend, I am honored that he has shared this important and necessary conversation with us all.



  • Masculinity and the societal messages about being male and committing to relationships.
  • The avoidance of relationship and commitment, the power of fear, what is below this fear?
  • The invalidation of our emotional expression that so often occurs.
  • What is stopping men from opening up? The impact of suffering in silence.
  • Staying in the ‘safety’ of the superficial world.
  •  Mike’s engagement breakup story, how he went straight into business and how he started to open up.
  • The necessity of hard conversation, are you willing to walk away if your partner can’t step forward?
  • Dealing with a partner who ‘dances in the grey area’.
  • Becoming ‘grounded’ with yourself and dealing with becoming grounded in relationship.
  • How boundaries can help to create trust and truth in relationship.


  • Breakup Recovery Course
  • Mike Campbell Instagram
  • Mike Campbell is a men’s coach, author, and tragic wannabe professional stone fruit eater, Mike is the founder of The School of Personal Mastery – a group coaching program for men wanting to get their shit together and achieve greater success and happiness in their career, relationships, and life – without the guilt and hang-ups.