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Jul 25, 2019

Me & Codependency – Special Episode

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Alcohol, Childhood, codependency, Relationship, Self-Compassion, Social Conditioning


This is a very personal episode for me, this is my own journey with codependency. Throughout our lives we all become part of widely accepted social contracts through our childhood, religion, community and family. This is my story of breaking some of the social contracts that did not align to my own truth or integrity. It took a lot of vulnerability to break those social contract and also to open up on this topic, so I truly hope it resonates.


  • My own personal story and learning about codependency in my own life.
  • My relationship to alcohol.
  • How I’d kept one foot in and out foot out with my commitments to change.
  • What unspoken agreements do you hold onto that you don’t truly believe?
  • If i loved myself what would i do?
  • The addiction to trying to save others.
  • I don’t “have it all together”, the power of compassion for self.
  • Where have you been taught to hide your truth?