3rd June 2024
#378: Monetize Your Mind: Liberate Your Life & Business with Sarah Swain

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In this episode, I welcome Sarah Swain, Digital Business Strategist and Founder of Monetize Your Mind™️. Sarah shares the transformative power of pursuing passions and finding purpose for personal and financial liberation. We explore navigating the complexities of purpose-seeking and entrepreneurship, discussing alternative wealth-building tools along the way. Reflecting on our own career experiences, we highlight the perseverance required to succeed and the significance of overcoming self-doubt for financial stability. Sarah also dives into the fundamentals of business and the importance of building from a foundation of authenticity and open communication. Tune in to learn how to align your passions with financial freedom and create a resilient entrepreneurial mindset.

Sarah Swain is a fierce mix of masculine and feminine energy, Sarah represents a new way of doing business, and she doesn’t shy away from disrupting the status quo. A proponent of all things freedom, she courageously paves the way for leaders to liberate themselves personally and financially. When she’s not busy shifting paradigms, you can usually find her nestled in her log cabin, or off exploring the wilderness with her husband and 3 dogs.


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