6th June 2024
#379: What If You Already Know? Learning To Trust Your Intuition

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In this episode, we dive into a conversation about intuition and self-expression. I explore the internal battle we face between conforming to societal norms and embracing our true selves and how this impacts our relationships, work, and personal development. We discuss the importance of listening to our bodies and confronting our fears and the significance of expressing our authentic selves and aligning our actions with our inner truths  to avoid inner turmoil. We also talk about the value of cultivating supportive relationships and communities that encourage growth and authenticity through effective communication and shared values. Tune in to learn how to embrace complexities, honor your truths, and courageously embark on a path of self-discovery and purposeful living.


0:00:00 Intro

0:05:08 Reconnecting with Your Authentic Self

0:07:06 Facing Trauma and Immobilization

0:09:22 The Power of Bringing Forth What Is Within You

0:12:20 Avoidance and Responsibility

0:14:46 Creating Profound Relationships


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