Dec 26, 2022

New Beginnings with Kylie McBeath

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Alignment, codependency, Family Dynamics, Gender Roles, Transitions, Trust


For the last episode of the year 2022, Kylie and I are here to share an exciting milestone in our lives. We are so excited for what’s to come and to finally share this part of our journey with you. Big love and happy holidays to you and yours!


  • What it means to live in alignment
  • Trusting your choices and inner knowing 
  • Mature love and how to recognize it
  • A special announcement from Kylie and me!
  • Our thoughts on the provider role and societal expectations

00:00 Intro

01:10 The past two years

02:33 Making hard decisions

08:02 Alignment

11:40 Returning to the soul

13:36 Contrast is a beautiful teacher

15:12 Trusting your choices

18:52 Love and grief

22:25 Mature love

26:45 Community support

27:58 A special announcement

34:49 Stewarding a new life

44:31 Biggest fears

47:07 Shift in family dynamics

49:40 The role of the provider

1:00:53 Feeling safe and assured

1:03:33 Creating space for both sides of the experien