Sep 18, 2023

Not Man Enough: The Challenges of Modern Masculinity with Connor Beaton, Stefanos Sifandos, Dan Harrison

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Authenticity, Belonging, Brotherhood, Challenging Gender Norms, Fatherhood, Purpose, Strength, Toxic Masculinity, Vulnerability, Weakness


Our society has often perpetuated a narrow and rigid definition of masculinity, which can lead to harmful stereotypes and expectations for men. However, a growing movement of men is actively debunking these traditional notions, recognizing that true strength lies in authenticity and emotional openness.

In this episode, I jam with my good buddies Stefanos, Connor, and Dan about masculinity. We share about our experiences as men growing up and in relationships, share revealing statistics about men today, explore male vulnerability and emotional authenticity, speak about our experiences in fatherhood, the impact of all of what men experience on their relationships and personal growth, and so much more.

Just a quick background on our amazing set of guests: 

Stefanos Sifandos is a trained educator and relationship expert with a background in behavioral science. He is passionate about leading people closer to their highest potential. He helps men and women escape negative patterns and cultivate a positive sense of self as well as restructuring and re-framing their relationships with themselves and their loved ones. 

Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks, an international organization focused on men’s wellness, success, and fulfillment. He is a coach, facilitator, teacher, podcast host and speaker helping men from all over the world find purpose, healthy love, a joy-filled life, and fulfilling sexual connection. Connor has a no-BS approach coupled with compassionate understanding of our own human limitations.

Dan Harrison is a former CFP turned course creator and business mentor to wellness experts and health professionals growing their coaching practice online. He specializes in authentic selling, relationship-based marketing and transformational leadership. He is the founder of The Soulful Sales Company, a virtual money coaching and digital marketing practice.

This is a jam-packed episode so sit back, grab a snack, and let’s explore the multifaceted world of modern masculinity!


  • The journey to redefining masculinity and embracing vulnerability
  • How opening up and sharing your struggles can help you connect with others on a deeper level
  • Using your vulnerability as strength and your voids as values 
  • Debunking gender norms on masculinity and how that leads to toxic masculinity

00:00 Intro

02:16 Where are all the good men?

11:39 Toxic masculinity

14:48 Coping from the lack of a masculine role model

19:10 Isolation and men being providers and protectors

24:38 Vulnerability in men

29:06 Feedback in relationships

42:10 Connection with perfectionism

46:25 The pressure on men to provide

52:16 Journey to becoming a father

1:07:50 The influence of role models 

1:23:54 Biological and cultural factors in defining masculinity

1:30:04 Identity and morality

1:34:35 The best thing a man can do


Stefanos Sifandos:

Connor Beaton:

Dan Harrison: