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Sep 21, 2023

Change Yourself, Change the World – Solo Episode

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Answering Your Calling, Authenticity, Commitment, Consistency, Integrity, Legacy, Relationships, Truth


I’ve learned so much on this journey, especially the importance of consistency and speaking my truth, even when it’s challenging. So in this solo episode, I invite you to embrace discomfort, challenge your limits, and commit to your full potential. Change yourself, change the world.


  • The value of authenticity, speaking the truth with grace and kindness, and the power of honesty
  • The idea of leaving a meaningful legacy, making a positive impact on future generations, and standing for one’s beliefs
  • The importance of challenging the status quo and promoting dialogue to drive change
  • The transformative potential of embracing discomfort, acknowledging growth through challenges, and rejecting victim mentality

00:00 Intro 

01:06 Leaving a legacy of integrity

04:02 Staying true amidst polarized narratives

08:50 Embracing your calling

13:28 The power of choice

17:01 Rejecting rejection

21:06 Changing yourself to change the world