31st October 2022
Say YES to Yourself – Solo Episode

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Feel like there’s something more to life? Like you’re not quite reaching your potential? Perhaps you want a more fulfilling career, a better relationship, to heal your relationship with money, your body, social media, or your family. Whatever it may be, this split — the space between what you say you want, who you say you are and who you’re actually being and what you’re choosing — is one of the most significant sources of our pain, our addictions, and our emotional, mental, and physical health issues. I know this firsthand.

Join me as I explore how to merge the gap between where you are now and what is possible for your life. Will you move toward your soul’s calling? Can you say yes to yourself? Can you claim your potential? Consider this your invitation.


  • The wisdom of negative emotions and why life shouldn’t always feel good
  • The difference between orienting your life around what your soul desires vs. your wounds, around expansion instead of defensiveness
  • How to decide what to do when you don’t know what to do
  • What happens when you commit to honouring yourself

00:00 Intro

00:26 The universe has your back

01:09 Life isn’t about feeling good all the time

02:08 The space between what you have and what you want

04:33 Orienting to your soul, not your wounds

09:26 Words don’t teach; actions do

12:41 Be mindful of your choices

13:15 You’re weird, but all the best people are

15:01 Stepping away can also be healing

17:03 When you stop running from who you are

18:30 Learning to say yes to yourself


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