Feb 9, 2023

Saying No Creates Space for Your Yes — Solo Episode

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Appreciation, Awareness, Boundaries, Community, Regret, Self-Love, Victim Mentality


Today I’m comin’ at ya with a short but sweet solo episode and sharing some things I’ve read lately that have blown my mind and brought some newfound awareness to my behaviour. I hope sharing these reflections offers insight into your own circumstances, behaviours and ways of being in the world so we can all move together towards creating a more loving, open, boundaried and secure space!


  • Boundaries: how they’re medicine for both you and those around you
  • Having reverence and appreciation for new awarenesses instead of feeling shame and regret for past decisions
  • Saying no (and sitting in the discomfort of a no) in order to make space for your yes
  • Appreciation for our parents and their struggles
  • The grief of not having the village
  • Creating what you crave

00:00 Intro 

00:57 Boundaries

03:17 Awareness and regret

05:50 The tension of our no

08:42 Appreciating our parents

11:05 Medicalization of birth

13:29 Presence

16:49 Removing martyr energy