Feb 14, 2023

The Power of Passion with Ant Anstead

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Breakups, Career, Divorce, Media, Parenting, Purpose


This week I’m honoured to welcome the master mechanic himself, Ant Anstead, to the show. Ant and I met serendipitously a few years back when he took my Breakup Recovery Course, and I’ve been blessed to call him a friend ever since.

Ant is the CEO and co-founder of Radford Motors and is responsible for overseeing the build process of every single bespoke, hand-made vehicle to meet exacting customer specifications. For many years, Ant built bespoke cars for elite clients and collectors all over the world and is best known for hosting car-centric television shows such as Celebrity IOU: Joyride, Radford Returns, For the Love of Cars and Wheeler Dealers, the number one most distributed show on The Discovery Channel. 

Join us as we chat about Ant’s career journey, life (and divorce) in the public eye, parenthood, and more.


  • How Ant transitioned from being a police officer to playing football to building cars
  • How he turned his passion for cars into a career
  • His journey into television
  • How he deals with the media, clickbait and life in the public eye
  • Ant’s perspective on parenting in the social media generation and his top advice for fathers

00:00 Intro 

02:31 Ant’s police career

11:13 Flipping and building cars

16:05 Turning your passion into a career

21:19 Starring on a television show

27:27 Being in the public eye

31:34 Clickbait & the media

35:02 Getting hate for hosting Wheeler Dealers

43:01 Social media trolls

47:30 Divorce

54:50 Fatherhood

1:03:55 Upcoming works

1:06:48 Radford Racing School

1:12:29 Mark as a father-to-be