Mar 1, 2021

Selina Gray – Separating Your Worth From Your Net Worth

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Debt, Finances, Intimacy, Money, Relationship, Shame, Worth


We are taught to place our worth in our monetary worth. Our relationship to money is one of the most important ones in our lives. We are constantly interacting with money, and yet we’re not taught about it in school! The subject of finances is considered one of the leading causes of divorce, so how do we navigate that subject in a way that deepens intimacy and builds a bridge rather than a wall?

I’m excited to have returning guest, Selina Gray, who is a CPA and expert in managing and healing our relationship to money. Join us for an episode where dive into all the juiciness that money brings.

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  • Studies show that conversations around money are more uncomfortable than conversations around sex
  • Inner richness creates outer richness
  • Money doesn’t cause divorces, it’s the lack of communication around it
  • Money is the state of being connected to ourselves.
  • The previous generations/families beliefs about money will infiltrate our subconscious
  • Money deserves to be talked about
  • Fear around debt in relationships
  • How to have compassion around money in relationships without shutting down
  • Trading joy for money
  • How does your money story show up in your life?
  • Money stories in relationships at a cellular level
  • Removing your limiting beliefs around money
  • Your healing changes your family legacy
  • How to take your power back