Sep 28, 2020

Sheleana Aiyana – Relationships Are Meant To Be Hard

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Dating, Disconnection, Patterns, Relationship, Rockbottoms, Self-Awareness


This week, one of my favourite people and dear friends Sheleana Aiyana joins us for a super juicy conversation on all things relationships. Shay is the founder and visionary of Rising Woman. Through a traumatic childhood, addiction and abuse, Shay found her way to the inner-work and Rising Woman was born. Rising Woman is a reflection of her mission to support others in embracing their shadows and finding their light within.

This week we chat about how relationships are never really the fairytale that Hollywood has portrayed them to be… Shay explains that healthy conscious relationships require work, healing of our inner child and that we must enter into them knowing that we are complete on our own. We talk about what a healthy relationship truly looks like, and how we can rise up from the rock bottom of heartbreak and ask, “how did I get here and what has it taught me?”



  • Taking responsibility for our pain and how it shows up in relationships
  • If your wounding occurs in relationship, that’s where you must heal it
  • Why we keep repeating our patterns along our journey
  • What happens when you create more love and safety within yourself
  • If you don’t recognize your wholeness you will seek someone else to complete you
  • The choice of fracturing vs. deepening the relationship