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May 20, 2021

Supporting Women’s Mental Health – Taryn Bird

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Healing, Loss, Mental Health, PTSD, Women


This week I am excited to introduce you to the wonderful Taryn Bird, Senior Director of Social Impact, Kate Spade New York. She leads the social impact team, overseeing the company’s social enterprise initiative on purpose, philanthropic programs and corporate volunteering.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of women’s mental health, the impact it has in today’s society, and the gaps in the women & girls empowerment space. We dive into being proactive about mental health and wellbeing, knowing that you’re not alone, and the unique considerations that are important to recognize among women-identified individuals. Taryn candidly shares her own experiences with mental health, post traumatic stress, loss, and healing. I am so excited to share this important conversation with you as part of Mental Health Awareness Month and Mental Health Action Day.


  • The accessible mental health tools available to women, girls, and moms
  • Current mental health statistic during covid
  • Experiencing negative emotions
  • The shocking KPI’s of women who give
  • The questions we are not asking enough
  • The correlation between how much women give and their mental health
  • How companies are putting resources in place to support mental health
  • Mental health does not have to be dark
  • Why feeling seen inside community is healing
  • The pandemic after the pandemic
  • Releasing control and welcoming the process
  • Why filling your cup is so important but so easily forgotten
  • “Post Traumatic Growth”
  • Purpose and the connection to mental health