May 5, 2021

Reprogramming Your Self-Worth – Lacy Phillips

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Manifestation, Money, Relationship, Self-Worth, Subconscious Programming


This week we welcome back Lacy Phillips, founder of To Be Magnetic, a global manifestation expert and speaker specializing in unblocking subconscious beliefs of unworthiness while expanding into alignment with what one is calling in.

In this episode Lacy introduces us to Neural Manifestation – a concept backed by neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics and energetics, based on raising your self worth and stepping into your true authentic self. You’ll learn how manifestation works, what blocks us, and how we can debunk superstitions or other childhood beliefs.


  • Why the “think positive” model doesn’t work
  • Self-worth and deservingness is the law of attraction
  • We are projecting from the subconscious beliefs from our childhood
  • Understanding when you’re doing the work but it doesn’t happen, why?
  • Negative feelings are the roadmap to what’s blocking you
  • “You don’t change the memory, you change the emotional response to it.” – Lacy Phillips
  • Love and money are directly connected – their deepest connection is security
  • What is your authentic code?
  • Why must shatter the old relational model
  • What is your true authentic self and how are you showing up in relationship?