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Apr 19, 2019

The Breakup Special – Rising From The Ashes of Heartbreak

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Breakups, Connection to Self, Dating, Grief, Relationship


This is 20 minutes jam packed with the most juicy breakup content you could ever need. Mark gets straight into the heart of it — because this time effing hurts. It doesn’t matter whether you wanted the ending or not, you are hurting and we have all been there. Mark walks alongside you and helps you understand the hardest parts, the most painful parts, and explains to you that this rock bottom can be an anchor and a beginning of new possibilities for a deeper and truer connection to ourself and others. Get ready to rise.


  • Why breakups are hard
  • How to walk through the grief of a breakup
  • The unconscious and conscious stories we tell ourselves
  • Why we sabotage
  • Attachment theory
  • Emotional pain and self-abandonment
  • Grief or growth?
  • Rock bottoms are rocket fuel
  • How to turn towards hurt
  • Why anchors are crucial during a breakup