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Apr 22, 2019

James Silvas – Your “Problem” is Your Portal To Growth

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Awareness, Growth, Limiting Beliefs, Sabotage, Uncertainty


Are you looking to change and grow? Or are you committed to repeating your patterns and limits in life? So often we say we want growth in life – and yet we don’t make the choices aligned with that. AND so often other people want to limit our growth! This week James Silvas and Mark discuss the ways we limit ourselves in love, career, life and everything in between. Why do we limit ourselves from growth and success – why do other people limit us – and how can we stop it? This week we unpack it all!


  • Everything you want is in your discomfort/ stretch zone.
  • Self talk and when we self sabotage with our internal talk.
  • When Mark left the predictability of a ‘stable’ job and career path.
  • Are you accountable for your choices, or are you blocking yourself?
  • How we stay committed to our misery and stories of the past.
  • What makes people successful? – Getting past the boxes you have put yourself in.
  • How other people might want to limit us and how to look out for it.
  • Dealing with uncertainty in life, how we try to control.
  • Confronting pain and discomfort, why is it so hard?
  •  How to change the way you think – how to change your patterns – how to change your life!


  • James Silvas is a Peak Performance Coach and Mental Training Specialist with over 13,000 hours of training experience working with high performing teams at Nike, MGM & ADT. He has studied under 4x World Renowned Mental Performance Coach Dr. Mark Guadagnoli while attaining his degree in Kinesiology at UNLV. He has worked with over 6,000+ people on developing/strengthening the mindset that will take individuals/teams to the next level.