Mar 27, 2020

The Edge Of Uncertainty – Special Episode

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Communication, Connection, Expansion, Growth, Relationships, Uncertainty


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”, John Lennon’s famous lyrics are so apt for the uncertainty we are facing across the entire world. So much of what we thought, planned, or hoped for has been quashed by the reality that nothing is ever truly certain. This epidemic has brought up so many fears, anxieties and responses. I want this episode to explore our humanness but also acknowledge that jumping into spiritualizing can be a bypass of the uncomfortable reality that this pandemic is doing real harm to so many people. While we are both physically distanced and living with this uncertainty, our community and our connections are so important. I hope this episode leaves you feeling more connected.


  • Why increasing our tolerance for uncertainty is part of our expansion and growth
  • When we are stripped of everything, what matters most?
  • Where else do we run from discomfort?
  • The domino effect of disconnection and control
  • The 5 most common regrets
  • The greatest gift of facing death
  • You never lose love