Jun 8, 2023

The Intersection of Life Force Energy, Medicine, and Physics with Dr. Beth McDougall

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Energetic Signatures, Energy, Food, Healing, Health, Holistic Healing, Physics, Radical Healing, Spirituality, Transformation, Vitality


Today I’m welcoming Dr. Beth McDougall to the show, who is an internationally recognized Integrative physician with a specialty in multifactorial degenerative disease. She is the founder of CLEAR Center and the co-founder and medical director of the cutting-edge, bio-optimization lab, JYZEN in Mill Valley, CA. Long known as a medical detective, Dr. McDougall excels at unraveling complex, multi-factorial conditions. 

She is advancing a new medical paradigm, one at the intersection of medicine and contemporary physics, to transform the practice of medicine. Dr. Beth discusses the magical benefits of Manna Vitality – a combo of the highest quality minerals, amino acids, fulvic and humic acid, and nutrients gathered from both the Earth and the Sea. Listen in on this fascinating episode where we jam on health from an energetic point of view, and how physics and holistic medicine can unlock the secrets to radical healing.


  • What are energetic signatures, and what could ours be?
  • The effect of relationships, environment, and food on our body
  • How we can hack aging and vitality
  • The correlation between food and fertility

00:00 Intro 

00:51 Intersection of Physics and Medicine

05:44 Discovering energetic healing

11:01 Discovering healing patterns beyond the physical approach

18:48 Energetic signatures in our lives

21:33 Impact of dysfunctional relationships on health

24:27 Why are people sicker than they’ve ever been?

26:26 Finding an antidote 

28:32 Correlation of food stress on fertility & testosterone production

33:57 Remineralizing your body

37:29 Aging and vitality

44:28 Nature is the answer

48:36 Choose the life that you want

51:06 Effects of Manna Vitality

57:12 “We’re intersecting waves of energy…”

59:18 Journey to liberation



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