Jun 12, 2023

Unleash Your Brain’s Full Potential with Dr. Patrick Porter

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Beliefs, Biohacking, Brainpower, Health, Meditation, Mental Health, Neuropsychology, Power of Mind, Technology, Transformation, Trauma


Today I am jamming with award-winning author, speaker, and the founder of BrainTap®, Dr. Patrick K. Porter! Dr. Porter pioneered the use of brainwave entrainment to improve clarity, sleep, and energy and remains at the forefront of scientific research. He founded BrainTap, offering over 1800 original audio sessions in 12 languages and serving a worldwide user base with its mobile app and headset. 

Tune in to hear Dr. Porter unleash loads of fascinating information about the power our brains hold, and how we can use neuropsychology to change our emotions, reactions, nervous systems, bodies, brainwaves, and so much more – way beyond what we ever imagined our brains could do. If you want to feel more regulated, release your victim mentality, stop letting fear dictate your life, or just to better grip your emotions, this episode is for you!


  • How our brains are wired for repetition and comfort and create our narratives and beliefs, plus how we can change that
  • How you can rewrite your memory just by changing the way you perceive your past experiences 
  • How the frequency of our environments dictate our energy and wellbeing
  • What Brain Tap is and how it can help hack our mind’s potential and improve our health

00:00 Intro 

00:54 What is Neuropsychology?

05:31 Our brain is making it all up

09:06 How to change a belief 

15:09 How to rewrite and change your memory

24:53 Three phases to brain fitness

29:21 The frequency of your environment changes you

34:50 What is Brain Tap?

43:17 See past experiences as learned experiences

47:33 Psychoimmunology

48:57 What happens when you think of fear?

49:44 Confusion

50:21 Hacking the brain

55:22 Retinal flashing

1:00:26 Effect of music on your brain

1:03:45 Types of sessions with Brain Tap