Mar 13, 2020

The Space Between – Special Episode

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Boundaries, Breakups, Emotional Unavailability, Integrity, Relationship, Transformation


Come on in, make yourself at home in my head and heart and listen. This week it is me sharing some feels that have been flowing through me, no other guests… Just a big dose of Mark Groves in the feels. We’re going to talk about ending with grace, the space between and holding space when it hurts. Welcome!


  • What it means to hold when it hurts
  • Are you who you say you are?
  • How to be the observer of your thoughts
  • What do you tolerate? What do you settle for?
  • When you change the way you go about the world, the world changes
  • Do you avoid hard conversations? Do you let the world tell you how to live?
  • How to truly find love