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Jan 27, 2020

All About You – What Do You Really Want?

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Boundaries, Relationship, self-abandonment, Self-Responsibility, Worthiness


In the new “All About You” series, I am reading your letters and diving deep into tough questions from you about your relationships, love, and what you really want from life. To begin I touch on my current journey—how I am learning to let go of the future I thought I would have and give space to the new and unknown in my life. I then cover some challenging and common situations that you have written to me about: the ex that promises to change, the new partner that is still seeing their ex, the partner that works too much, and not feeling the same about marriage and kids as our partner. I so appreciate the opportunity to know what is on your heart and I thank you for sharing this with me and everyone who will benefit from hearing your story.

I’m really excited about this new format, so please share with me your thoughts and feelings on how this resonated for you. If you have a letter for a podcast you can share it via the ‘Ask Mark’ tab at the link in my Instagram bio. Big love to you!


  • What do you want most out of this life?
  • What are you not willing to give up?
  • We cannot experience true love until we model it
  • What to do when someone wants to change after we leave
  • The real reason for resentment
  • Repairing after workaholism and affairs
  • Perfectionism, high achievers, and worthiness
  • How to work with a “recovering defender”
  • How to know if your needs didn’t get met as a child
  • Repair and atonement after betrayal
  • Our core beliefs are always mirrored by the lowest choice we make
  • Alone vs. lonely