Mar 22, 2021

The Truth Will Set You Free – Solo Episode

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Betrayal, Grief, Integrity, Relationship, Speaking Your Truth


When you don’t stand in the truth of what, you’re not going to get what you want – pretty simple right? Whether or not we decide to talk about our truth, it will always still live inside you. Not honouring our truth leads to small betrayals, which usually become giant betrayals later on and typically we can look back and see where we betrayed ourselves initially in order to get there.

This week I share a personal story from my past where I self abandoned and didn’t declare what I really wanted. The truth always sets us free, no matter how difficult it can be to say it


  • Why do we fear stepping into our truth?
  • The dangers of staying in the comfort zone
  • Why we self-betray and self-abandon in effort to keep connection
  • Why we need to explore grief
  • The two most important questions you need to ask yourself
  • Small betrayals become giant betrayals later
  • Where do you betray yourself?
  • The power of claiming yourself