Nov 1, 2021

The War on Nature with Dr. Nathan Riley

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Anthroposophy, Biology, Culture, Harmony, Health, Health Freedom, Medicine, Nature, Quantum Philosophy


Our inherent connection to the natural world is in a state of disharmony and Dr. Nathan Riley, who refers to himself as a recovering OB/GYN, joins us in this episode to talk about his experiences practicing within the constructs of the Western medical model, why he left, and how he pushes back against the template approach to human health + standardized medical intervention. Dr. Riley treats the whole being in order to facilitate an elevated, expansive, and embodied life (and a good death).


  • The problem with the Western medical model’s one-size-fits-all, template approach.
  • Birthing practices, medical convenience, and coercion in “corporate” medicine.
  • Death, rebirth, and ancient wisdom.
  • Embracing the beauty of our natural death experience.
  • Re-harmonizing with + reconnecting to the natural world.