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May 2, 2024

#369: The Wisdom In Our Wounds

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Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Well-Being, Empowerment, Grief, Healing, Intimacy, Liberation, Meditation, Personal Growth, Relationships, Self-Awareness, Self-Discovery, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Transformation, Triggers, Vulnerability


In this episode, we discuss triggers and how these signals-of-past-pain are integral to our relationships and healing journeys. We talk about the importance of our response to activations – including triggers of intimacy and vulnerability. We also explore how working through our wounds fosters self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and empowered relationships. Listen in to this eye-opening episode to learn how embracing both positive and challenging experiences in our lives can pave the way towards liberated love rooted in integrity, trust, and deep understanding.


0:00:00 Intro

3:16 Activating Our Nervous System

4:42 Embracing the Wound

6:17 Facing Fear in Relationships


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