Mar 21, 2022

This is How Relationships End with Matthew Fray

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Breakups, Commitment, Divorce, Intimacy, Marriage, Relationships, Trust


One night during his divorce, Matthew Fray started a blog. He needed to figure out how his ex-wife went from the 18 year old college freshman who adored him to the angry woman who thought he was a jerk and left him. As he pieced together the story of his marriage and its end, Matthew began to realize a hard truth: even though he was a decent guy, he was a bad husband.

As he shared raw, uncomfortable, and darkly humorous first-person stories about the lessons he’d learned from his failed marriage, his post – “She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes By the Sink” — was read over four million times. Now, his book, This Is How Your Marriage Ends: A Hopeful Approach to Saving Relationships, is set to release this month.

Filtered through the lens of his own surprising, life-changing experience and his years counselling couples, the book exposes the root problem of so many relationships that go wrong to help partners identify and address relationship-killing behaviour patterns in their own lives. I am so excited to have Matt on today to dive into it all!


  • Why most relationships or marriages come to an end (even if we’re still in love)
  • The subtle ways we erode trust in our relationships
  • Two foundational habits you can focus on to build more trust and intimacy within your relationship
  • What it means to validate your partner