Aug 23, 2019

Why Love Breaks Us Open – Special Episode

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Attachment Styles, Boundaries, Breakups, Compassion, Relationship


These personal special episodes have been truly cathartic for me in uncovering the vulnerable, raw emotions that I would have once repressed. In this episode I explore attachment styles, our needs and boundaries. For those of us with anxious attachment patterns, we often give up parts of ourselves in order to stay in relationship. But this doesn’t have to be our destiny, by connecting with our truth we have the power to rewrite our story completely.


1 min – The power of sharing and not repressing emotion.
5 mins – Having compassion for ourselves.
7 mins – Attachment styles and the research behind them.
14 mins – 10 seconds of courage to make a change in your life.
18 mins – If you have resentment, you have bad boundaries.
22 mins – What we do when we’re afraid of love.
27 mins – What is a breakup here to teach us?
29 mins – The breakup recovery course.