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Sep 2, 2019

Alistair Moes – Lose Your Temper

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Anger, Boundaries, Childhood, Grief, Gut Health, Listening, Relationship


Anger is one of the most powerful emotions, it can change lives and change the world. But it can also become incredibly destructive. Alistair Moes (Angerman) is an expert on all things anger. In this episode we delve into what anger means, what it looks like and feels like and how we can use it in healthy ways to deepen our connections with self and others.


1 min – Intro from Mark – the difficulty in engaging with our anger.
3 mins – The breakup recovery course.
4 mins – Intro to Alistair Moes – what happens when we don’t express anger?
6 mins – The link between our gut health and our anger.
11 mins – Alistair’s own experience with boundaries in childhood.
20 mins – Identifying where you are repressing emotions.
28 mins  – The power of listening and witnessing your partner.
41 mins – The power in choosing to have hard conversations.
49 mins – The connection between rage and grief.
56 mins – How to engage with your anger, using resources to learn about anger.


  • Alistair Moes (Angerman) is an International Anger Management Expert and Author, who has been working professionally as a counsellor/educator since 1989 and as an anger management specialist in private practice since 1995. Alistair has worked with those who have enormous challenges in the world: from high performance business leaders, gold medal winning Olympic and professional athletes and coaches people that are close to homeless. Anger is an equal opportunity emotion. Alistair has developed a manner of working, which is respectful, solution-focussed and based on both academic theory and extensive experience. This experience includes working with trauma, and historic abuse in a manner that honours each person and allows for deep healing.
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