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Aug 9, 2019

Why Relationships Are (Really) Hard

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Connection, Growth, Health, Relationships, Triggers


In this special episode I dive into my personal story of awakening and rejoining my heart. We all suffer betrayals, usually beginning in our childhood. And often in these betrayals, we learn to hide away parts of ourselves to survive and remain connected to those around us. This is my story of undoing those learnings and making the choice to claim my personal truth.


3:00 – Mark’s story of his engagement ending

6:00 – How and why we end up hiding parts of ourselves

9:00 – Making the choice to rejoin my heart

12:00 – When I decided I was done with relationships

15:00 – Give yourself the space to make mistakes, life is your playground. How to use your triggers.

20:0 – Leaving too soon or staying too long?

22:00 –  Relationships are the greatest determinant of health

28:00 – The power of connection to self