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Aug 12, 2019

Miles Rote – Break up with your phone.

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Anxiety, Connection, Disconnection, Phones, Relationship, Technology


Technology has completely changed our world, but have we adapted? The online revolution has opened new avenues for addiction, social connection, disconnection and distress. There are millions of ways that we are marketed to become addicted to technology: the colours, sounds, styles, ‘likes’, games and more. We can change our relationship to technology, but it means going so much deeper than just setting rules or limits. This weeks episode is so important, I will admit I have struggled with my relationship to technology and have learned so much from Miles on how to change this.



1 min – Intro to episode by Mark Groves.
4 mins – Intro to Miles, how our bodies react to the online world in relation to our biological evolution.
9 mins – How social cues impact our wellbeing, both online and offline.
15 mins – How our relationship to the world can lose its sense of reality when we are so often online.
18 mins – The mentality of “just do it”.
22 mins – Mark’s anxiety around his phone.
27 mins – Changing our subconscious relationship to technology.
32 mins – How much time are we spending with screens per day?
34 mins – Digital detoxing.
41 mins – Taking control of technology instead of letting it control you.
47 mins – New avenues for connection online, a new world of choices.
52 mins – Being conscious of our online behavior, what is behind it?