19th June 2023
Why We Need Discomfort To Thrive with Michael Easter

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Today I am jamming with the bestselling author of The Comfort Crisis, Michael Easter! As an author, professor, and adventurer, he writes and speaks about how humans can leverage modern science and evolutionary wisdom to perform better and live healthier and more meaningful lives. 

Join us today as we jam about the surprising idea that our cozy, comfortable lives may be at the root of our major physical and mental health issues. Michael shares his powerful experiences from his adventure in Bhutan and the Alaskan Arctic, where he uncovers the power and benefit of sitting with discomfort and silence. Tune in to learn why you need discomfort and how to navigate it to help bring more happiness into your life!


  • How and why should you disrupt your comfort and why staying too long in your comfort zone could affect your physical and mental health
  • What the Japanese practice called Misogi is and why it’s so powerful
  • The power of silence and how it affects your creativity
  • How we can challenge the discomfort of boredom
  • The process of hunting and how it will teach you to value life and mortality more

00:00 Intro 

01:11 Why should you disrupt your comfort?

05:37 New generations and lack of discomfort

10:25 Misogi 

18:53 Being alone

24:02 The power and influence of silence

30:30 Writing a book in a world full of distractions

33:18 Choosing discomfort vs comfort

35:59 Remerging with the cycles of the planet

41:11 The discomfort of boredom

46:26 Addictive technology

49:32 The process of hunting

54:24 Life and death

1:01:15 Younger generation taking responsibility 

1:03:56 Cancel culture and freedom of speech

1:15:09 Are journalists left-wingers?

1:22:37 Psychological media manipulation 

1:27:02 Differences in political views impacting relationships


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