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Oct 28, 2020

Witness The Miraculous – Solo Episode

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Awareness, Connection, Grief, Rock Bottoms, Self-Discovery, Silence


This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the practice of being present, sitting in stillness and really uncovering your true self. What happens when we allow ourselves to really feel? When we don’t blanket our emotions, we can try to learn and grow from our sadness. We have been so dominated by a culture that praises the highs, but what would happen if we began to rejoice our setbacks and embrace the opportunity to learn from them.


  • Why our soul gets depleted
  • How to witness the miraculous
  • Start thinking about what you think
  • In the stillness you find more of you
  • “Silence is who you are”
  • Why we need to come back to the connection of the earth
  • Why grief is the path to answers
  • Why presence gets us there faster