Nov 18, 2019

You Are Not Your Story – Special Episode

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Your story does matter because it shaped you, but it is not who you are. Join me on a solo journey this week as I shed some light on how Create The Love came to be. Create The Love was born in part by my break down that came from the ending of a relationship. Rock bottoms are a chance to meet ourselves, and I was called in that breakup to break away from the social conditioning and pressure to ‘fit in’. Over time, I have gradually learned to continue to let go of the life that I was taught to want and in doing so connected to my inner truth. That truth is, I don’t want to live behind masks. Love is not scarce, it is everywhere, and it is up to us to create it and cultivate it. In this episode I share some of the events of my childhood, teen years and early adulthood and reflect on how they shaped my journey. I go deep into how I learned to sit with and learn from painful experiences and emotions and invite you to do the same. Lastly, I want to thank you all for being such an important part of this journey and for joining me in creating the love together.


  • Why did this happen to me vs. why did this happen for me?
  • The beautiful invitation to expansion
  • We either repeat our patterns or we decide to learn from them
  • The beliefs in your family system that have subconsciously programmed you
  • Healing defensiveness
  • Getting curious with our feelings before we shut down
  • There are no shortcuts to healing
  • Every next level of you requires the next level of you
  • You can’t be addicted to your mediocrity and your expansion at the same time
  • Why do we abandon ourselves for others?
  • Life will always humble you if you think you’re better than it
  • Certainty is not where growth is