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Apr 28, 2021

Activating The Activist In All Of Us – Mark Brand

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Activism, Community, Connection, Humanity, Positivity, Poverty


Mark Brand is a pioneering entrepreneur and chef in the field of Social Impact and Community Development. Along with overseeing the 5 organizations under MB Inc, Brand leads his A Better Life Foundation in Canada, the United States, he is a Stanford fellow, Professor of Innovation and Design Thinking, and has served as executive chef for the American Refugee Committee and Pope Francis’s Climate Challenge. Brand has recently been appointed to the United Nations Catalyst team focusing on food waste, poverty, and the impacts of current systemic structures on the most marginalized. At the root of everything he works on, his belief is that the solutions are all attainable with deep cooperation and the understanding there is no “Us and Them, only Us.”

This transformative episode is one that can’t be missed. Mark and I discuss poverty and how it affects all of us. Mark walks us through how we as individuals can take immediate steps towards eradicating poverty and becoming and activists in our own communities.


  • “The one vs. the one percent”
  • The incredible things Mark Brand is doing to eradicate poverty
  • What do you care about and why?
  • Why volunteering and contribution will light you up
  • Never stop following your inner guidance
  • If the community is unwell, we are unwell.
  • We have to sit in our grief because there is something powerful inside of it
  • How socialization has caused us to dehumanized
  • Ways you can show up for humanity